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Electrodeionization (EDI) Water Treatment Systems

EDI utilizes chemical-free regeneration.This means a safer workplace because there is no need to store or handle hazardous acid and caustic. There are fewer regulation concerns due to the absence of these corrosive chemicals and there is no waste neutralization or disposal issues.
EDI is a continuous process. The ion exchange resins are continuously regenerated by the DC electric field. There is no "breakthrough" of ions as happens in conventional ion exchange operations, therefore the quality of the water remains at a constant high level of purity. The electric field also provides a bacteriostatic environment inside of the EDI cell, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and other organisms.
EDI has significantly lower operating costs than conventional ion exchange processes. Only a relatively small amount of electric power is needed to provide high purity water. The lack of acid and caustic regeneration means less operator attention and lower labor costs. Capital costs can also expected to be lower, especially because no chemical storage, pumping and neutralization equipment is required.
EDI has a significantly smaller footprint than conventional ion exchange processes. This means less plant space will be required to provide the same quantity of water.

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EDI Water Treatment Systems
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