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Robotic Palletizer is mainly applied to palletizing and moving cardboard and plastic cartons, bags etc. and has been widely used in the production line of beverage, bottled water, flour, fertile etc.. It involves the knowledge of several subjects such as mechanics, automatic control technology, sensor technology, single-chip and computer technology, and has become an important part of modern machinery manufacturing production system. Specially designed for palletizing, Robotic palletizer realizes linear motion on the mechanical structure to satisfy the requirements of palletizing.

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Technical Advantages

orange Adopts SANYODENKI motion control system for programming
orange Adopts special structure to lower energy consumption
orange Adopts alloy steel for high strength arm and main bearing parts
orange Adopts imported components for main parts such as reduction gears


orange Linear motion design best fits palletizing work
orange Adopts plastic cover, energy-saving
orange Less points for spare parts
orange Special gripper, more flexible
orange Grasping bags, cartons, round cans, bottles etc.
orange Easy operation with user friendly interface

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Technical Parameters

Structure Multi-Joint Robot
Motion Mode Cylindrical Coordinates Type
Rated Load (kg) 100 130 160 200
Max. Load (kg) 100 150 180 220
Motion Cycle (cycles per hour) 1500 1300 1000 800
Free Degree Four-Axis
Motion Range 2300 2300 2300 2300
1500 1500 1500 1500
Repositioning Accuracy ±0.5
Frame Height (mm) 2200 2200 2200 2200

Single Column Palletizer


Single Column Robotic Palletizer, widely used in the posterior packaging line of beer, beverage, drugs for whole layer stack, has three freedom degrees, namely, vertical movement, horizontal movement and vertical rotation.

Working principle

The palletizer can do free and precise motion vertically and horizontally, for example, the shutter gripper can rotate freely in the range of 90°. The grouped products was pushed into shutter gripper which will fix them and synchronize the distance and angle set in vertical and horizontal directions driven by three servo motors. The shutter gripper stack products and then return to the original position to be prepared for next recycle.


orange Precise and rapid motion driven by full servo
orange Advanced accessories, safe and reliable
orange High quality electrostatic spraying processing
orange Reasonable structure, easy to operate and maintain

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Technical Parameters

Capacity Power Horizontal angle Noise Pressure/min. Max. consumption
5 layer/min. 220-380V-50HZ ±1° ≤85 dB 0.6Mpa 100L/min

Double Column Palletizer


Palletizer applies to stack various types of packaging pieces such as cardboard and plastic cartons, membrane bags, barrels etc. The components mainly being into-carton conveyor, marshalling station, trolley and pallet conveyor. It can be customized based on palletizing requirements to adapt to different working forms, with the capacity between 24000-72000bph.

Technical advantages

orange Carton grouping structure, arrange cartons in certain rules
orange Carton storage monitoring device, automatically adjust the speed
orange Simple structure, easy maintenance
orange In case of problems, safety device stops the machine and alarms

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Technical Parameters

Capacity (cartons/min.) Pallet Size (mm) Carton Type Power Weight Noise Dimension (mm)
60 (3x4type, 16 cartons/layer) 1100x1100x150 (standard) Carboard, Plastic Cartons, and Membrane Bag 24kW 4600kgs ≤85 dB 5050x2780x3930
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