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Plastic Shrinkage Wrapping Machine with Cardboard Tray


Shrink wrapping machine is a piece of automatic packaging equipment which can be applied to different containers such as PET bottles, glass bottles and zip-top cans etc. The main components include container feeding, container arranging device, film stretching device, film cutting system, film convey system and shrinkable furnace etc.

Running Principle

ottles of products are sent into the synchronizing conveying system after being separated to be grouped by certain rules, and then plastic films are cardboard tray pack diagram round wrapped onto packing area, and finally is the packing process.


orange Low investment, quick return
orange Advanced device layout
orange Pre-cut film, energy-saving channel
orange Lower waste, higher productivity
orange Easy operation, rapid replacement
orange User friendly interface
orange Complete after-sales service

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Technical Parameters

Capacity (packs/min.) 35PPM 45PPM 55PPM 60PPM
Min. Case Size (mm) 200x130x80 200x120x80 200x190x80 200x190x80
Max. Case Size (mm) 530x300x320 530x300x320 450x300x320 450x300x320
Feeding Belt(LxW) 3620x730 3620x730 3620x730 3620x1030
Bottle Diameter (mm) 55~110 55~110 55~110 55~110
Bottle Height (mm) 80~320 80~320 80~320 80~320
Dimension (mm) 12550x1650x2600 12550x1650x2600 12775x1650x2600 12775x1650x2600


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Plastic Shrinkage Wrapping Machine with Cardboard Tray
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