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Case Sealing Machines

(Model PWSD-JFX Series)
Single Head Tape Sealing Machine


orange Carton Sealer is a piece of packaging equipment which automatically folds the folders of full cartons and seals them. Carton Sealers, consists of hot-melt glue carton sealer and tape carton sealer, is suitable for beer, beverage, food and other production lines.
orange With unique design of double channels, the sealer can seal at most 70 cartons in a minute.


orange Well-designed mechanical structure
orange High automaticity
orange Rapid replacement between sizes
orange Easy operation, user-friendly interface
orange Low production cost, high productivity

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(Model PWSD-FX Series)
Twin Heads Hot Melt Sealing Machine


orange Hot-melt glue carton sealer keeps stability in continuous linear operation and fits medium and high speed production line.Automatic hot-melt glue carton sealer has been widely used in production lines of beverage, milk and dairy products, edible oil, food, cosmetic, chemicals etc.

Technical Advantage

orange Low investment, quick return
orange Advanced device layout
orange International general accessories
orange Lower waste, higher productivity
orange Easy operation, rapid replacement
orange User friendly interface

Structure feature

orange Large storage, low operating intensity
orange High speed, good quality
orange High automaticity, easy operation
orange Servo control, high precision

Technical Parameters

Capacity(cases/min.) 70CPM 40CPM 70CPM 40CPM
Min. Case Size 140x140x150 (mm) 150x140x150 (mm) 140x140x150 (mm) 150x140x150 (mm)
Max. Case Size 500x400x420 (mm) 500x400x420 (mm) 500x400x420 (mm) 500x400x420 (mm)
Control Voltage 24V DC 24V DC 24V DC 24V DC
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Single Tape Sealing Machine
Double Hot Melt Sealing Machine
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