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Linear Sticker Labeling Machines


orange Suitable for large-capacity round bottle is not positioning a label.

orange New label clutch, so that the tension is more stable, more stable operation, three-point head up and down the adjustment device to make the adjustment more smoothly, the target plate more stable. rotary self adhesive labeling machinery Servo motor drive, to achieve true closed-loop control, high-precision subdivision, built-in absolute encoder, to meet the high-speed high-precision positioning.

orange Out of the head with double-pressure roller structure to ensure that the label is tightened and avoid the end of the paper die-cutting damage caused by the phenomenon of marking, segmented clutch to make the tension more balanced.

orange Header six-dimensional space adjustment, powerful and flexible ability to adjust the accuracy of any product can be adjusted within a few minutes finished.

orange Advanced pro-man-machine interface system, operating parameters can be stored calls, fault tips and help information, easy to learn, the workers can be a little training to operate.

orange All the structural parts of the NC processing, the various components with high precision to ensure the accuracy of the equipment level.

Principal Component Devices

linear self-adhesive labeling device img LCD monitor img self-adhesive label pressing device img label position adjustment img label paper return device img labeling buffering device img

Manufacture Power

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Other Type of Labeling Machines
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