Filling Machine for Bottled Water

Filling Machine Features

fillflash Full-set high speed and big capacity bottled water manufacture equipment and machinery with precision of customizing design one by one.

fillflash Production range, from which 6,000 to 60,000 bottles/hour, can be selected accordingly.

fillflash To 36,000 bottles / hour (500ml) water line, for example, compared to the traditional split technology, users can save water by more than 30%, saving electricity more than 15%, saving space for more than 60%, saving more than 20% of equipment investment, savings 15% or more operating costs.

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fillflash Our company based on the success of the entire line-rich projects, integration of rotary blow molding, filling and capping three technologies through blowing process, filling technology, innovation and integration on the capping equipment and intelligence, realization of the entire container blow molding, filling and continuous process product seal.

fillflash The equipment consists of the embryo, embryo rationale, preform heating, blowing, filling, capping, and electrical system constitutes an integrated six.

Manufacture Power

assembly bottle rising machine assembly bottle cappling system assembly empty bottle air convey system assembly 3in1 system filling heads img assembly empty bottle convey system

Engineering Power

workshop img filling img preform conveyor img labeling convey img case wrapper img buffer area img buffer area img case conveyor img store tank img robot palletizer img warehouse img

Specification Parameters

Model PXGF 16/16/5 PXGF 24/24/8 PXGF 32/32/8 PXGF 40/40/10 PXGF 50/50/15 PXGF 60/60/15 PXGF 72/72/18 PXGF 80/80/22
Rinsing head 16 24 32 40 50 60 72 80
Filling head 16 24 32 40 50 60 72 80
Capping head 5 8 8 10 15 15 18 22
Capacity 8,000BPH 12,000BPH 15,000BPH 18,000BPH 24,000BPH 30,000BPH 36,000BPH 42,000BPH
Dimension(mm) 2850x2150x2750 2880x2180x2750 3380x2850x2750 4430x3280x2750 4720x3550x2750 6050x4680x2750 6500x5450x2750 7800x6380x2750
Power(kW) 2.2 2.2 3.0 7.5 7.5 11.0 15.0 19.0


1. Production capacity to 500ml capacity calculation. Size and shape affect the overall volume of actual production capacity.

2. Due to the constant research and improvement, technical parameters listed above are subject to change without notice.

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