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Air Dryer for Bottle Body
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Labeling Machine for Sleeve Cap Labels
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Caps sterilizer machine
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Rinse Machine for 5 Gallon Jar
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Brush Outside Clearing Machine for 5 Gallon Jar
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Decapper for 5 Gallon Jar
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Leak Detection Machine
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Brush Inside and Outside
Clearing Machine for 5 Gallon Jar
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Rinse Machine for 5 Gallon Jar

5 gallon bottle inside rinsing machine left

orange Drum production line is designed for 5-6 gallons of bottled drinking water production 5 gallon bottle inside rinsing machine left with a series of equipment.The production line can automatically complete the barrel, cleaning, disinfection and delivery of the barrel, with full-featured, compact structure, simple operation, is set machine, electricity, gas in one of the new drinking water bottled equipment.

Main Feature

orange Automatic barrel production line according to its function, structure, and control mode is divided into parts of the barrel, flushing part of the barrel part of the automatic control of gas and electricity components

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Specification Parameters

Models PRF-2000 PRF-1500 PRF-1200 PRF-900 PRF-600 PRF-450
Water Rinse Capacity 6000 (Liter/Hour) 5000 (Liter/Hour) 4000 (Liter/Hour) 1500 (Liter/Hour)
Rinse Stations 12 10 8 15 13
Rinse Procedures 18 15 13
Rinse Capacity 2,000 (Bottle/hour) 1,500 (Bottle/hour) 1,200 (Bottle/hour) 900 (Bottle/hour) 600 (Bottle/hour) 450 (Bottle/hour)
Rinse Pumps 5 pieces 4 pieces
Bottle Size Ø270x490mm
Air Compressor 0.6~0/8 Mpa
Air Consumption 1,000 L/min. 500 L/min.
Power 21kW 16kW 4.5kW
Equipment Dimension(mm) 4320 x 7774 x 2200 3600 x 7774 x 2200 2720 x 7774 x 2200 7460 x 2160 x 2000 5000 x 1580 x 2000 5000 x 1300 x 2000
Weight 5,000KGS 4,000KGS 3,500KGS 1,800KGS
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cap film
Rinse Machine for 5 Gallon Jar
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Bottle Neck Ring Assembly Machine
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Palletizer for 5 Gallon Jar
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Plastic Bag Wrap Sealing Machine
for 5 Gallon Jar
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Sticker Labeling Machine for Jar
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Shrinkage Machine for sleeve labels
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Brush Inside Clearing Machine
for 5 Gallon Jar