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Rotary Bottle Preforms Blow Molding Machine


rotary blow ma.

readpoint High degree of automation: The machine independently completes the entire production process.

readpoint High degree of intelligence:Friendly graph interface, the machine can be controlled in accordance with the wishes of people, and people can be reflected through the man-machine interface of data to keep abreast of the functioning of the machine. If the fault occurs, maintenance personnel can repair the fault according to the type of man-machine interface displays, and other reasons.

readpoint Good, stable product quality:Stable infrared heating system (infrared lamp can be single-line control) high-precision blow mold closing system; use by specialized company designs, manufactures special blow valve, remaining pneumatic components and electrical components using well-known brand; based products stretching rails designed to ensure the accuracy and operation of the blowing process, so that product quality and repeatability, quality and stability is fully guaranteed

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readpoint High productivity:Quantity per hour blowing up to 1700 / mold, stable 1500 / mold.

readpoint Very low noise machine:Advanced design tools, excellent machine structure, professional assembly process to ensure the smooth operation of the machine, low noise.

readpoint rotary blowing moulds.img High cleanliness without intermediate pollution:Closed production area, excellent self-lubrication system avoid contamination of the intermediate product (secondary pollution).

readpoint Low production costs:Excellent process step, process parameters design greatly reduces the electricity, gas, water, a significant reduction in the production cost.

readpoint Good Visibility, maintenance, security: The entire production procedure and component of the machine are monitor through the transparent windows and doors, the operator can keep track of production and the functioning of the machine, and it is conducive to maintaining normal production and safe operation of the machine.

readpoint Energy-saving 10 to 25%: Preforms using 40mm pitch heating than traditional heating machine.

readpoint Using our patented rotary clamping system

Technical Details

Middlepoint high pressure air High Pressure Air Recovery System:
With high-pressure gas recovery system, the recovery of reduced pressure for blowing is used for pre-blowing and running air source, saving air consumption by 15-25%. High precision blow mold closing system adopts specially designed high pressure blowing Automatic server valve, pneumatic components and electrical cards, as well as stretching rail based product designed to ensure operation accuracy and blowing process.

Middlepoint Automatic server:Years of cooperation with German SIEMENS Company, the introduction of the company's PLC intelligent control software operating system, the full realization of intelligent machine operation via the HMI reflects data to keep abreast of the machine running. If malfunction occurred, a maintainer is able to check the malfunction types and reasons based on touch screen and control everything only touch the screen by his fingers.

Clamping system

Middlepoint preform oven Clamping System:This opening and closing the mold structure is formed by using the clamping lever shaft and the movable die on the fixed mold frame by controlling the rotation angle of the shaft to achieve a given position, lock and shut the movable mold between the opening and closing. The use of a rotate shaft or rod axis notch notches direct clamping with clamping lugs shaft rod , reducing the transition power transmission , and replace with a rotary motion of the linear motion , work together to make it more stable and reliable .

Middlepoint Heating System:The machine adopts the design of far-infrared light radiation heating oven for preforms, unique sheeting heats both sides of preforms simultaneously. The preforms move forward while movement of themselves, so that the heat more evenly. Supplemented by a cooling device to protect the finish from overheating deformation of the bottle-forming rate has been a qualitative improvement.

Specification Parameters

Name\Model PXLRC-10(Cold bottle) PXLRC-16(Cold bottle) PXLRC-20(Cold bottle) PXLRH-10(Hot bottle) PXLRH-16(Hot bottle) PXLRH-20(Hot bottle)
Container Material PET PET PET PET PET PET
Blowing cavity 10 16 20 10 16 20
Volume(ml) 20-750,20-1500 20-750,20-1500 20-750 20-750,20-1500 20-750,20-1500 20-750
Neck Diameter(mm) Φ20 ~ Φ38 Φ20 ~ Φ38 Φ20 ~ Φ38 Φ20 ~ Φ38 Φ20 ~ Φ38 Φ20 ~ Φ38
Capability(cold bottle) 15000-18000BPH 20000-24000BPH 30000-36000BPH 10000-12000BPH 15000-18000BPH 20000-24000BPH
Voltage/Frequency 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Blowing pressure 30~35bar 30~35bar 30~35bar 35~40bar 35~40bar 35~40bar
Operating pressure 8~10bar 8~10bar 8~10bar 8~10bar 8~10bar 8~10bar


1. Production capacity to 500ml capacity calculation. Size and shape affect the overall volume of actual production capacity.

2. Due to the constant research and improvement, technical parameters listed above are subject to change without notice.

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