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RO Industry Water Treatment System

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    RO anti-infiltration is a key part of the purified water production process. The principle is to make the water molecule into purified water through anti-infiltration membrane under certain pressure, and the impurities in the water are discharged by anti-infiltration membrane.
By application of anti-infiltration technology, impurities in the water including dissolvable salt, colloid, germs, viruses, toxin in germs and most of the organic substance can be effectively removed.
    The salt removing rate of RO anti-infiltration equipment is normally over 99%.Therefore, anti-infiltration is the most advanced and most power-saving salt-removing method.
    Anti-infiltration makes use of the selective nature of anti-infiltration membrane which will only let solvent (normally water) to pass through while retain ion substance.
The driving force comes from the static pressure difference on both sides of the membrane so as to get rid of the infiltration nature of the solvent and to complete the liquid mixture separating process through anti-infiltration membrane.

Techanical Chart