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Industry Water Treatment Equipment

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pandpco municipal industry water treatment system pandpco EDI water treatment system
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Water system is divided into two parts, divided into pre-processing part and the Ministry of desalination, preprocessing is divided into conventional pre-treatment and pre-treatment of the whole film, while the desalination part, generally the use of RO reverse osmosis or ion exchange desalination system.
Water system's source water quality depending on different processes. General water by anion exchange or reverse osmosis treatment system, producing water conductivity <10μS/cm, through the reverse osmosis system product water conductivity <2μS/cm or less, combined with the reverse osmosis system Ion exchange equipment, or EDI devices can be prepared ultra-pure water, so that resistivity of 18 megohms (conductivity = 1 / resistivity).
Boiler feed water, demineralized water equipment ------- variety of steam boilers, power plants, water heaters, boilers and other petrochemical heat up water.
General Industrial Equipment ------ coated glass with water, electroplating, and surface coating, textile printing and dyeing, industrial with liquid, water for industrial cleaning products.
Bio-pharmaceutical industry with pure water equipment ----- injection, injection, infusion, biochemical products, water, sterile water for medical, oral and other GMP standard.
Fine chemical industry, chemical process with pure water equipment ------ water, chemicals, cosmetics, etc. with water.
Beverage, food industry, water treatment equipment --- drinking pure water, distilled water, mineral water, natural water, mineral water, beer, water production, wine blending with pure water.
Membrane separation equipment - separation of drugs, recovery, concentration and purification equipment.
Drinking water treatment, hotels, housing, community quality water equipment, drinking water projects. 
System application areas of wastewater treatment and water recycled in the field of medicine engineering field of membrane separation enrichment