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Manual Valve Bag Macking Machine

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Its wide range of valve bag fillers covers several industries, primarily chemicals, minerals and foods, such as coffee bag, food bag, pet food bag and so on.



The main material of the rack is the brand new acrylic and stainless steel materials.
Temperature control by temperature-controlled meter which is digital display, it is stable and reliable.
Time-controlled meter is adjustable, you can control the thermal bonding time, it suitable for a variety of packaging.
Equipped with a pedal switch, convenient hands operation.
The desktop design, it will move easily, and save more room, it is very beautiful and practical.

Can customize the pressure valve mold for different types of valves, it is very convenient and efficient.
Need to use with the air compressor.
The size of valve in coffee bag: about 15cm from the pocket mouth to the middle of valve.

Technical Data

Item No.: PHZJP

Electric pressure entered: 220 v alternating current (ac) 50HZ

The power of whole machine power: 100 w

The main material of the rack: the brand new acrylic and stainless steel materials.

Working air pressure: 2-4 KGF/CM2

Size: 42x25x24 cm

Packaging size: 46x31x30 cm
Net weight: 5.25kg
Gross weight: 6.73 kg

Different valves for order choice and supply