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Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine

Label Type Choice
pandpco self-adhesive labeling machine
rotary self-adhesive labeling
pandpco OPP labeling machine
Sleeve Labeling Machinery


Hot melt glue labeling machine is suitable to label both before and after filling, as well as different bottle types such as round, square, oval and other shapes. The machine also is characterized by high precision, compact structure, refined installation, good stability, low glue consumption and low operating cost.  Widely used in various industries such as food & beverage, wine, seasoning, cosmetic, chemical etc

Main components

Conveyor belt, checking star wheel, bottle feeding screw, bottle into star wheel, center guide, rotary table, bottle tray, bottle outlet star wheel, monitoring container, label tension control device, drift rectifier, color code photoelectric inspection, cutting wheel, hot melt glue components, labeling wheel, brushing plate, photoelectric tags.

Technical advantages
  Full automatic, good performance, high speed
  Efficient design idea, quick switch without tools
  Top ELAU servo control technique, precision within 1mm
  Low glue consumption (100,000 labels/kg)
  Easy operation, real-time monitoring through touch screen

Multipul Route Designs to Match User's Production Line

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Technique features

  Running automatically, converter regulating based on bottle feeding, "no bottle - no label".
  The bottle's autorotation makes it suitable for bottles in round, square, oval and other special shapes.
  Replacing a bottle tray just needs 3 seconds.
  Reticulate type roller minimizes glue consumption (100000 labels / kg).
  The brush system can be changed according to bottle types.
  Precise cutting control system ensures accuracy within 1 mm, compensates per cut. 
  All equipment operation condition is shown on the touch screen.
  Replacing bottle types or trademarks without any tools. 
  The whole structure adopts advanced materials

1. Label waste: 1
2. Bottle waste:
3. Device efficiency:
4. Label defect rate: < 1‰

5. Label position deviation from head to end: ±1.5mm

6. Labels up & down position deviation: ±1.5mm

7. Labels position deviation for fixed labeling: ±2mm

8. Label length precision: ±1.0mm

Partial Capacities (bottles/hour)

4000BPH (oval) 5000BPH (5L) 6000BPH
9000BPH (square) 9000BPH 12000BPH
16000BPH 20000BPH 24000BPH
36000BPH 42000BPH 60000BPH

Filling Capacity Choices

5000BPH 5L bottle hot melt labeling system
6000BPH hot melt labeling machine
9000BPH Labeling machine
24 head hot melt labeling machine
36000BPH Hot Melt Labeling Machine
9000BPH Square bottle hot melt labeling machine
Oval hot melt labeling machine

16,000BPH Ediable Oil Hot Melt Labeling Machine