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Case Extracting Machine

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The Carton erector belongs to packaging equipment which can be divided into two types, hot-melt carton erector and tape carton erector. It has been widely used to folding and erecting cartons in different speculations before they are used in the beer, beverage and food production line. The capacity is 30-40 cartons per minute.Automatic Tape Carton Erector adapts to medium and high speed production line with its good stability in continuous linear operation. Tape Carton Erectors are widely used in folding and forming different specifications of cartons before there are used in beer, beverage and food production line.

Technical advantage

Structure feature

Low investment, quick return
Advanced device laypout
International general accessories
Lower waste, higher productivity
Easy operation, rapid replacement
User friendly interface
Complete after-sales service

Large storage, low operating intensity
High speed, good quality
High automaticity, easy operation
Servo control, high precision

Technical Data




Capacity (cartons/min.)

38 CPM

40 CPM


3850*1300*1750 mm


Min. Carton size

290*180*180 mm

200*120*120 mm

Max. Carton size

380*250*330 mm

525*350*400 mm