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Rotary Self-Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machines

pandpco self-adhesive labeling machine
rotary self-adhesive labeling
pandpco OPP labeling machine
Sleeve Labeling Machinery


For labeling all kinds of round and square containers, different models can be chosen for 1 to 3 labels.
Waterproof container plates for round, square & nonstandard containers, and fast changeover without requiring changing main components.
5 to 32 container stations, with infeed and discharge conveyors on the same line.
Stable output rate from 4000 to 60,000 BPH, infinitely variable speed adjustment, matching with filling machines and improving production output.
Safety doors: the machine stops automatically when the doors are open.
Label shortage alarm: to remind changing label reels when the labels are almost finished.
Bottle shortage alarm: the machine stops when no bottle is detected on the conveyor, and runs automatically when bottles are detected on the conveyor.
The labeling station is synchronized with the main engine. Though the main engine speed is adjusted according the infeed speed, the precision of the labeling station will not be affected?
Highly precise labeling for the bottle neck.

Rotary Self-adhesive Labeling
5L self-adhesive labeling machine
Cylinder Bottle labeling
Lippie Labeling
Label Roll Winder