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Model PSL-6B
Super Versatile Automatic Self-Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine
Self-Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machines

pandpco self-adhesive labeling machine
rotary self-adhesive labeling
pandpco OPP labeling machine
Sleeve Labeling Machinery

1 side or 2 sides' high-accuracy labeling for flat faces;
Labeling can be done accurately for circular labeling from the predefined starting position set by the user
3 or 4 sides enwrapping labeling for flat square bottles
Labeling can be done accurately for irregular shaped products
This is high end, all in one labeling solution

 Labeling head:
1. Precise positioning as adjustments are possible on 8 orientation axes with index indicator.
2. Fast and easy adjustment virtually with no tools.
3. Label goes through two pressing rollers before it is peeled & applied to the product. These rollers press and hold the label flat in desired position, this feature is especially helpful for very thin label.
4. All parts and devices are machined on our CNC and digitally controlled machines with high degree of accuracy in dimensions and profiles leading to flawless assembly of the total machine. 
5. Our latest model of label clutch provides persistent & steady tensile force while labeling.
6. Easy to adjust individual flap support.
Overhead belt
1. Dual chain main motor drive strengthens transmission moment with negligible chain deformation.
2. Separated structure with better heat dissipation. The pressing strength can be adjusted according to variable working situations.
3. Big span support is adjustable in synchronism due to dual screw chained with each other.
4. Big vertical adjustment scope 0~400mm, making it conveniently usable for different type of bottles.
Product aligning unit
1. Product separating unit, overhead belt and conveyor are driven through mechanical gear transmission system from a common drive leading to absolute synchronization amongst them with very fine speed adjustment ability.
2. Adopts strengthened spiral bevel gears transmission, increasing operational safety.
3. Two-dimensional adjustment capability widens the scope of usage.
4. Adopts elastic polymer chain to obtain best separating effect.

1. Adopts high-precision conveyor chainrealizing conveyor and overhead belt running in absolute synchronization.
2. Wider belt,higher power motor, widening the scope of usage taking care of conveyor inertia to obtain more stable labeling effect.
Positioning unit
Shall way's positioning technology is a patented technology,that's the truly highlight of this machine. It removes difficulty in labeling irregular bottles. While labeling irregular bottles, a clamping module according to bottle's cross section is mounted into fixing unit. When bottle passes by, the module will clamp it quickly, and convey it with the same linear speed of the conveyor. After clamping, the bottle's position will be precisely set between overhead belt and conveyor.
Circle, position requested labeling
New positioning technique increases machine's labeling speed up to 120BPM.
Fast, easy replacement, convenient in change over from square to round bottles or vice a versa leading to shorter replacement time and higher production efficiency.


producing speed

Max250 bottles/minute

labeling accuracy


label max width


label max length:


bottle min thickness:


bottle max thickness:


bottle min height:


bottle max height:


label inner diameter


label outer diameter



L3048xW1850xH1800 (mm)


220V 50Hz 4000W

Linear Twin-side Labeling
mult-face labeling
Multi side Labeling
small bottle labeling
circle labeling
single side labeling
double side labeling
two labels labeling
top-bottom labeling
Self-Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machines