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Model PSL-6A
Super Versatile Double-Side Self-Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine
Self-Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machines

pandpco self-adhesive labeling machine
rotary self-adhesive labeling
pandpco OPP labeling machine
Sleeve Labeling Machinery

Ultimate labeling solution This machine is designed especially for fully automatic production line, it can label either regular or irregular shape products. The strengthened configuration and most powerful function, as well as easiest adjustment, entitle it a truly turnkey labeling solution.

Machine features

The labeling head
The machine is designed with large-power and strong structure. The base paper is reeled by the special motor.
Adjusted in multi orientation: The labeling head can be adjusted in eight orientations. With the position display, the inclination angle can be adjusted .
. In the course of labeling the labeling position can be adjusted minutely.
.All adjustable sets can be adjusted quickly without any tools.
. The machine adopts the structure of the double press rollers. It improves the labeling strength for thin labels.
.The special base paper reeling system is driven by the large-power stepper motor. The structure is designed with increasing bumper. It decreases the jump-starting frequency of the motor to improve its life.
.All parts are manufactured on CNC machining center with precision.
.The machine is wider than before so the machine can handle label width of 230mm. The photo electric switch is externally mounted so it can be adjusted rapidly according to different labels.
. New label clutch ensures that the holding strength is steadier and it runs smoothly. The up and down adjusting set is designed with the three-points structure.
.The special bracket of the scrap board can be adjusted conveniently.
The press belt set
1.The big gears decrease the gear pressure. It is useful to improve its life.
2. The main motor drives double row chains to increase the driving power and decrease the chain distortion.
3.The wide pressing belt can decrease the pressure in product area improving its life.
4.The separate cushion of the pressing belt is useful to dissipate heat. The different pressing sets are used according to the different working position.
5.The pressing belt has large support span. The double screw is driven by the chain to achieve synchronization.
6.The added relaxation slip can decrease the abrasion of the pressing belt and improve its mechanical characteristic.
7.The pressing belt can be adjusted in large range from 0 to 400mm. It is adjustable for different products.
The shaping set
1.Shaping belt, transport belt and pressing belt are mechanically synchronized using gear wheel transmission driven by a large-power motor and the speed is adjusted linearly. 
2. It adopts big helix gear wheel to transmit. It improves running security.
3.It can be adjusted in planar space so the application area is wider.
4.It adopts macromolecule chain to improve the shaping veracity.
The dynamic roller set:
1.The large dynamic roller adopts rubber not sponge, so it not only improves the life but also makes it convenient to label square bottles, flat bottles, round bottles, irregular shaped bottles and square bottles on four sides or three sides.
2.It is the most cost effective solution for customer.
The transmission line
1 It adopts high accuracy chain board to synchronize the transmitting line with the pressing belt.
2The chain board is wider so the machine can label various bottles. The line is driven by the large-power motor so it is steadier.
The holding set:
It is our company patent and the machine's strong suit. The set is a second holding set applied in line-type labeling machine earlier. It solves the problem to label irregularly shaped bottles. We can manufacture the holding clamp according to the shape of bottle. The holding clamp is fixed in the holding set. When the bottle passes through the it, two holding clamps closes and move the bottle with the same speed of transport line. Through the holding set the bottle is secured accurately for labeling.
The round bottle set
1. The new round bottle set can be located on the bottom side of the bottle.
2.The maximum speed can up to 120 pieces per minute.
3.It's convenient to change from flat bottle and round bottle. It reduces the changing time and improves the production efficiency.


Labeling speed:

Max.300 pieces/minute

Labeling accuracy


Label max width


Product size

Height≤400mm Thickness≤160mm

Label roller inner diameter


Label roller outer diameter


Machine size

4048X1980X1500 mm

Power supply

380V 50Hz  4000W

Pneumatic system

6Kg 30L/min

Linear Twin-side Labeling
mult-face labeling
Multi side Labeling
small bottle labeling
circle labeling
single side labeling
double side labeling
two labels labeling
top-bottom labeling
Self-Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machines