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Model PLS-5228
Linear Double-Side Self-Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine
Linear Self-Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machines

pandpco self-adhesive labeling machine
rotary self-adhesive labeling
pandpco OPP labeling machine
Sleeve Labeling Machinery

1 side or 2 sides' high-accuracy labeling for flat faces;
Labeling can be done accurately for circular labeling from the predefined starting position set by the user
3 or 4 sides enwrapping labeling for flat square bottles
Labeling can be done accurately for irregular shaped products
This is high end, all in one labeling solution

Aligning unit
Special aligning unit assures precise positioning of the containers for highly accurate labeling.
Bottle orientation device
Installed on the sides of the conveyor, to change the orientation of the bottle by 90 degree by rotating the bottles.
Connected with the top pressing belt, the synchronization does not require any adjustment.
No bubble or wrinkle
The labeled containers pass through label pressing panel, passive sponge rollers, and active sponge rollers, to make sure there is no bubble or wrinkle on the labels.
Stainless steel guiding star-wheel with well polished edges produces no scratch on the bottles
HMI unit
User-friendly operation system, with operation data storage and error reminder.
6 dimensional adjustment for the labeling station.
Rapid adjustment without requiring any tool.
Horizontal movement for minor adjustment.
Linear Self-Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machines
New labeling clutch to stablize the label tension for smooth operation, 3-point label adjustment device stablizes the label panel.
Special frame for the label peeling panel, easy to adjust.





Label Sides

(Double Side)

(Double Side)

Labeling Max. speed

30 meter/minute


Max. Conveyor speed

20 meter/minute

20 meter/minute

Max. Oval bottle speed

180 BPM

180 BPM

Max. Round bottle speed

80 rounds/minute

120 rounds/minute

Label accuracy

±1 mm for oval bottle

±0.5 mm for round

±1 mm

Max. Label Width

200 mm (Vertical)

200 mm (Vertical)

Max. Label length

500 mm

 500 mm

Min. container diameter

130 mm

30 mm

Max. Container diameter (customization accepted)


80 mm

Min. container height



Max. container height (customization accepted)

360 mm (≥ 360)

440 mm (≥ 400)

Inner label diameter

φ76 mm

φ76 mm

Outer label diameter

Φ400 mm

Φ400 mm

Machine size (L x W x H) mm




220V 50Hz 4000W

380V 50Hz 4000W

Linear Twin-side Labeling
mult-face labeling
Multi side Labeling
small bottle labeling
circle labeling
single side labeling
double side labeling
two labels labeling
top-bottom labeling
Linear Self-Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machines