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60,00BPH (550ml bottle)
Rotary Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine

Label Type Choice
pandpco self-adhesive labeling machine
rotary self-adhesive labeling
pandpco OPP labeling machine
Sleeve Labeling Machinery
Product performance characteristics

1. User-friendly touch screen, simple and intuitive operation, full-featured, with a wealth of online help function;
2. The bidder system adopts German high speed servo motor and controller, which ensures the accuracy and stability of high speed bid transfer and cutting standard.
3. The main motor with high power imported motor, to ensure the stability of the machine running and handling;
4. German label color detection electric eye, improve the accuracy of the standard;
5. Perfect operation of the protection system can be achieved such as missing standard, leakage paste, lack of bottles, card bottles, temperature detection, air pressure and other downtime alarm;
6. Due to the use of rotary mold positioning labeling, to ensure the labeling of the sealing accuracy and stability;
7. The use of Siemens and other world brands imported electrical components to ensure that the machine's long-term stability and reliability;
8. Equipment to set up online interface function, easy to line with other equipment production

Labeling process: into the bottle → positioning → detection → cut → standard → glue → glue → labeling → raise the standard → a bottle.

Multipul Route Designs to Match User's Production Line

Technical Data

Power supply three - phase 380V 50Hz 24.4kW; Control: 220V/AC/24DV
Equipment size 3000mm * 2500mm (can be adjusted according to customer requirements)
Speed adjustment mode stepless speed regulation
Maximum speed of the label speed of the maximum speed of 250 m / min
Labeling accuracy ± 1mm
Labeling the maximum width (height) 150mm (standard width, according to the actual product size to increase the width)
The maximum diameter of the label is 600mm
The core diameter is 152mm
Labeling colloid hot melt adhesive, only in the label two sizing
The glue temperature is 120-160 degree centigrade
Labeling product type suitable for plastic, metal, glass and other round containers on the labeling
Labeling type OPP film labels, paper and plastic composite film labels, paper labels
Container diameter 40mm-100mm
Maximum labeling speed 60000BPH
Air pressure: 06MPa; Consuption: 250NL/min.
Machine weight of about 5800kg

Filling Capacity Choices
5000BPH 5L bottle hot melt labeling system
6000BPH hot melt labeling machine
9000BPH Labeling machine
24 head hot melt labeling machine
36000BPH Hot Melt Labeling Machine
9000BPH Square bottle hot melt labeling machine
Oval hot melt labeling machine

16,000BPH Ediable Oil Hot Melt Labeling Machine