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Horizontal Type Box-Loading Packing Machinery

pandpco bottle holder assembly machine
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pandpco case round wrap packer
PE film wrapper

Scope of application

Pharmaceutical industry: medicine board, oral liquid, ampoule, vials, bags of particles, paste, ointment, aerosol;
Food industry: ice cream, egg rolls, bread, bags of coffee, spices, milk powder, etc. .;
Day of the industry: toothpaste, soap, cosmetics, mask, cream, lipstick, mosquito coils, etc .;
Hardware appliances: bearings, bulbs, switches, sockets, relays, chargers, etc .;
Auto parts industry: spark plugs, filters, piston rings, car bulbs, automotive electronics, etc.
Plastic industry: plastic wrap, disposable film gloves, plastic products, etc.
Entertainment industry: pen, stapler, staples, India mud, glue, modified liquid, playing cards, puzzles, toys, handicrafts, etc.
Paper industry: paper towel, sanitary napkins, pad, and cotton and so on

Mould No. PDDU-120 Mould No. PDDU-190  
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