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EcoSys Series Main Features



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5 gallon bottle preform
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  The high strength base application prolongs mold life and machine life
  Highly flexible platens offer better compatibility with 3-party molds
  Enhanced ejection mechanism, with more balanced ejector layout, provides higher ejecting force which shortens the preform-ejecting time and minimizes the deformation of the mold plate
  Highly efficient variable pump system offers high driving force up to 180bar to injection, which is beneficial to system acceleration and a wider range of application.
  The multi-stage hydraulic recycling filtering system ensures the reliability and stability of hydraulic parts
  New PET-specialized screw, backed up by the continuous plasticizing technology, greatly improves the plasticizing capacity

Clamping Unit

The innovation design of moving and stationary platens makes the clamping force distribution more balanced to the molds. 4 corners of the plates are partly gouged, the clamping force will then be transferred to the central part of platen, the area to bear most of the injection pressure. The innovation design will make sure the clamping force to every cavity quite uniform. This not only protects the mold from deformation, prolongs the mold life, but also helps to realize low clamping force for high-pressure injection. Other than that, the new mold platens can be applied to wider range of applications, as well as being compatible with other imported third-party molds.

Machine Base

Our machine base is stably welded based on box structure with a whole piece of extra-thick steel plate. The machine base, especially designed for PET system, is solid and reliable, providing very good support for high-speed mold clamping and opening. It can effectively absorb the vibration and shake during the production process, and this whole new base has larger room for injection

Oil Filter System 

Large flow-rate filtering devices are added to every returning pipe; all oil output pipes are equipped with imported TIANLONG precision oil filters. One separate oil tank cleaning system which works on cycle is also assembled, so the whole filtering system will ensure the hydraulic parts to work properly with a longer service life.


Injection Unit

With application of SIEMENS servo motor to drive the PET plasticization, coupled with advanced melt-controlling technology, the rotation speed of the screw is automatically adjusted based on required injection volume. Also, the screw is continuously plasticizing without any pause, the PET melt is constantly being pushed forward so there is no static moment for the melt and the barrel, thus the quality and quantity of the PET melt is greatly improved. Both the AA value and IV drop can be as low as the industrial's top level. Compared with the traditional hydraulic motor, the energy consumption is reduced at least 30%.

The 2-stage injection mechanism, adopting Staffa motor from England, offers strong torque for the screw. Highly-efficient PET-specialized screw, with better guiding threads of solid phase and liquid phrase, realizes quality homogeneous PET melt. Other than these, the insulator of barrel sole piece and plasticizing base is optimized to realize lower energy loss and makes the barrel temperature more uniform.

Ejection Unit

2-stage ejecting cylinder and multiple ejectors system separate the overall ejecting into two steps: high pressure mold break and fast speed ejecting. Mold break happens simultaneously when the mold opens, so it doesn't add extra time in every cycle. When the mold opens to a proper position, fast-speed ejecting cylinder starts to work. This design solves the problem of insufficient ejecting force after preforms cooling in the cores. With this ejecting system, the mold break becomes easier and can accommodate more applications; it's also getting faster and smoother for the robot to take out the preforms, so the general cycle time becomes shorter.

Maximum Cavitation for Preform Mould

Robot Unit

Main Technical Data

Dimensions for Preform Mould