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Nail Polish and Lip Gloss Series Filling-Capping Machinery

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PE film wrapper

Application range

It has a wide range of applications in the food, chemical industry and beverage industry. It is suitable for the filling and sealing of small bottles. (For example, oral administration) is a kind of filling and locking function. Liquid, nail polish, eye shadow, smoke oil, aromatherapy essential oils, perfume, etc.) By the majority of customers welcome. The nail polish filling capping machine for SUS304 # stainless steel and the same level of treatment by the aluminum alloy made, never rust, in line with GMP standards. The nail polish filling capping machine work flow: manual delivery to the conveyor belt - automatic bottle to the station - automatic rotation - automatic quantitative filling - automatic cover under cover (vibration to cover) Optional) --- automatic lock cover --- finished conveyor belt output.

Bottle-loading conveyor Bottle Inner Lid-Loading Conveyor Bottle Outer Cap-Loading Conveyor
Filling Heads Inner Lid-Loading Heads Cap-Loading Heads
Filling Heads Inner Lid Loading and Pressing Cap-screwing heads


Filling capacity: 5c.c.-1000c.c. (Non-standard equipment can be customized)
Material: SUS316 #
Applicable viscosity: 200-5000cps
Net weight: 135kgs
Mechanical size: L * W * H 1200 * 1200 * 1500mm

Optional Functions
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