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Lip Liner Products Series Machinery

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PE film wrapper

This product is mainly used for quantitative filling of cosmetic raw materials (liquid / paste). It adopts the piston filling method. The pressure filling makes the mascara evenly in the filling process, and the charging pressure of the filling barrel strengthens the filling material flow. . Also easy to clean. Through the piston quantitative filling method, can accurately set the required capacity, and the error is small, in line with customer needs.
Scope of application
Mascara, lip gloss, liquid foundation and other liquid or paste raw materials, simple mode of operation, easy to clean, and a wide range of applications, for a variety of types, a variety of users with great practicality and efficiency.
Full Automatically Filling System Full Automatically Filling System

This model set of mechanical, pneumatic, automatic as one of the equipment. Powerful features, such as high degree of automation, high output, are widely used, good stability, more popular.
Automatic bottle, automatic detection of bottles (no bottles do not fill) and filling, automatic plus plug, automatically add the brush cover. Compared with foreign products and equipment, more competitive, the machine in line with GMP standards.

Bottle-loading conveyor Bottle Inner Lid-Loading Conveyor Bottle Outer Cap-Loading Conveyor
Filling Heads Inner Lid-Loading Heads Cap-Loading Heads
Bottle Outer Cap-Loading Device Inner Lid and Cap Loading Heads Cap-screwing Heads


Filling capacity: 2-10ml Production: 40 bottles / min
Filling accuracy: ±1%
Plug on the yield: 99%
Capping yield: 99%
Power: 1KW 220V single-phase stepless change

Optional Functions

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