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Model PZH8F-8N
Linear Lip Liner Liquid Filling Machinery

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This series of injection / atmospheric pressure dual-use filling machine is developed by our company a high-tech products. It is suitable for different viscosity of the water, semi-fluid, paste products, widely used in food, cosmetics, medicine, oil, cosmetic, detergent, pesticides, chemicals and other industries filling products. Using a straight line filling method, can be used for different types of solution filling. No need to add any spare parts.


The series models are compact and reasonable, nice appearance;
selected with international brand-name electrical components preparation. The main force cylinder selects Taiwan's ADT (AIRTAC) double acting cylinder and magnetic switch. Taiwan Delta company PLC computer, Omron photoelectric, Taiwan Velon touch screen, to ensure its excellent quality and lasting stability of the performance;
machine maintenance convenience, without any tools, you can easily disassemble cleaning installation, easy to adjust. Adjust the measurement, can be adjusted to a large range of measurement, and then fine-tuning. Can do no bottle, no bottle filling, and measurement accuracy;
The filling system of the machine adopts the clamp type fast fitting sanitary joint. The entire cylinder from top to bottom without tools can be easily removed cleaning installation. Simple structure design, easy operation and maintenance.
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Model: PZH8F-8N

Filling speed: 40-60b / min (500ML / 8head)

Filling accuracy: ± 1%

Cylinder size: 50-500ML

Working pressure: 5-7KG /

Machine net weight: 500KG

Dimensions: 1500 * 1000 * 2000M

Optional Functions

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