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3 to 8 Litre Bottled Water
Filling Production Systems

Component Equipment
PET bottle preform injection molding system
PET bottle stratch blow molding machine
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industry post packing equipment
bottled water filling relevantly auxiliary equipment
pandpco 5 litre bottled water filling system
pandpco 5 gallon bottle filling system
pandpco small bottled water filling system
We supply full-set high speed and big capacity bottled water manufacture equipment and machinery with precision of customizing design one by one.
Production range from 500 to 2,000 bottles / hour (BPH) in Linear filling machine and 2500 to 5000 bottles by rotary filling machine. 
Please click the left icons for the filling production auxiliary equipment for details and choice for your own order project.
Our company based on the success of the entire line-rich projects, integration of rotary blow molding, filling and capping three technologies through blowing process, filling technology, innovation and integration on the capping equipment and intelligence, realization of the entire container blow molding, filling and continuous process product seal. The equipment consists of the embryo, the embryo rationale, preform heating, blowing, filling, capping, electrical system constitutes an integrated six.
To 5000 bottles / hour (5 litrs) water filling line, for example, compared to the traditional split technology, users can save water by more than 30%, saving electricity more than 15%, saving space for more than 60%, saving more than 20% of equipment investment, savings 15% or more operating costs.
The line is designed for plastic barrel cleaning, filling and capping. Since it introduction of the European advanced and mature technology, it is highly automatic, adaptable, easy operation, good safety performance, etc., which advanced in a leading position in the domestic industry with similar products. The production line consists of line a continuous disinfection washing machine, automatic linear filling machine and automatic capping machine.
The device is suitable for automatic filling four liters of pure water equipment, for a variety of shaped bottles, continuously adjustable filling volume, and each filling valve can be adjusted, and the technology is the leader in the domestic industry with similar products.

Linear Rising Filling Capping System


1. Production capacity to different bottle's capacity calculation. Size and shape affect the overall volume of actual production capacity.

2. Due to the constant research and improvement, technical parameters listed above are subject to change without notice.