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(Big Scale) 5 Gallon Bottle Cap Sterilizer and Lifter


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Bottle cap-sterilizing machine by the processor lid and cover flush host components. Bottle cap-sterilizing machine installed between the fillings inside the bottle cap into the cap sorting machine cover is lined up into the lid flush host, the ozone water rinse, by closing the lid off the rails fed capping machine.
It is a special auxiliary equipment for bottle cap rising and loading on top of filling machine.
The machine adopts PLC control. It can automatically stop or work when cap quantity is not enough for ordering in cap tank.
By strong power of air blower, the sterilized cap can air convey to the top cap ordering device without manually load frequently. Save labour cost.
Cap sterilizer has two rising working place on moving path, first sterilize liqued rising, then pure water rising.
It designs for different size cap sterilize and lifter by different design conveyor.
Performance and quality is reliable.

Main Features

Efficiency centrifugal cap-way to wear small caps.
Cap detecting mechanism is provided for automatically controlling start and stop cap lifter.
An anti lid off the cover is provided through the cover and anti-removal mechanism on the rail.
Cap disinfection spray wash using a reliable manner, thoroughly rinse inside and outside the cap.

Technical Parameters

Model: PGXD-00 type
Machine washing time: ≥10S
Production capacity: 40,000 / hour
Ozone water pressure: 0.2MPa, water consumption: 5m/hr

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