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Full Automatical 5 Gallon Bottle Palletizing Machine


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Overview: Single Column Robotic Palletizer, widely used in the posterior packaging line of beer, beverage, drugs for whole layer stack, has three freedom degrees, namely, vertical movement, horizontal movement and vertical rotation.
1. Precise and rapid motion driven by full servo
2. Advanced accessories, safe and reliable
3. High quality electrostatic spraying processing
4. Reasonable structure, easy to operate and maintain

The palletizer can do free and precise motion vertically and horizontally, for example, the shutter gripper can rotate freely in the range of 90°. The grouped products was pushed into shutter gripper which will fix them and synchronize the distance and angle set in vertical and horizontal directions driven by three servo motors. The shutter gripper stack products and then return to the original position to be prepared for next recycle

Technical Parameters

Capacity 5 layer/min.

Power220/380V 50HZ

Horizontal angle ±1°

Noise ≤85 dB

Pressure/min. 0.6Mpa

Max. Consumption; 100L/min

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