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5 Gallon Bottle Inside and Outside Brush Prewasher

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Brush Inner and outer pre-washer is an assistant equipment for the 5 gallon bottle filling machine line. It is suitable for the 5 gallon empty bottle inner brush wash. It is a mechanical, electric, air and water spray unity.
It is not only individually use but also work with automatically 5 gallon filling production line.
It is controlled by PLC and automatically control and easy operation.
The air cylinder, brush, pump and principal axis rotate to form brush plate syringe and move up and down to wash vary parts of bottle to clean inner bottle.
It changes hard manual work into machine automatically work.

Work Principle

The machine is a continuous bottle washing machine which is used with a conveying machine. When it works, the brush runs continuously, the water pump continuously sprays, the empty drums are carried to the drum-conveying work position. The washing work position has three processes that is each drum is brushed and washed three times to ensure its washing result. The conveying drum device has governing device to make the washing time to be adjusted at will.

Technical Parameters

Input Voltage:380V
Total power:1.5KW
Appearance Size:1700×900×1600
Suitable Drum shape:¢270×490×¢56
Production Capacity:400600 drums/h;
Washing Method: Continuous Washing

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