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Bottle Holder Ring Assembly System

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This machine is mainly made up of lifting part, physical and chemical part, conveying part and pressing part and electric controlling part.
The machine uses a large number of aluminum and high strength, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the overall structure of the machine is more durable, more in the machine's performance modular, user-friendly design makes the adjustment more easily, More convenient.


  using a unique rotating management ring, noise, speed
  the machine can be drinks, water production line supporting the operation, the connection is simple
PLC control, easy to operate, easy to learn, warning display
just a simple adjustment can adapt to different bottles and different lifting ring
pressure ring fast, reliable, save manpower and resources;

Technical Parameters

Machine Model: YTH-6000
The host size: 700 × 785 × 1650 (mm)
Equipment Dimensions: 8500 × 3300 × 2900 (mm). (Length can be adjusted according to site conditions)
Equipment weight: 800Kg
Production capacity: 6000 bottles / hour
Applicable bottle type: bottle diameter Φ90 ~ Φ200 mm height 280 ~ 380 mm.
Power: 4KW
Air consumption: 1 cubic meters / minute

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