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5 Gallon Bottle Body Self Adhesive Stick Labeling Machine

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   labeling system using the world's advanced labeling head kroner ensure labeling accuracy
  The system uses microcomputer control, touch- monitor mode, parameter adjustment easier and more intuitive
  Whole labeling system flexible adjustment
  Rotary conveyor with standard wheel using a separate variable speed motor drive and energy; roller wheel servo motor drive, its speed can be adjusted BCD code switch, make the labeling more reliable
  Label electric eye sensitivity is adjustable for different transmittance label backing paper, can compare and adjust the sensitivity for identification of different length of the label can make the best adjustment to ensure that the standard normal and smooth and accurate labeling
  Was measured with a double electric eye noise cancellation, free of outside light or an ultrasonic wave noise interference, detection accuracy, to ensure that the labeling does not print mistakes
  All institutions, including casework, conveyor belt, all stainless steel lever to fasteners and aluminum material, never rust, no pollution of the interference, ensure GMP environment
  Blanching with printer is optional, in the labeling process of printing date, batch number, expiration date and other identifying contents the same time. Optional hot print ribbons of different colors, quick drying writing clear, clean and sanitary
  All systems control components all have international standardization certification, and undergo a rigorous assessment of the factory test, to ensure the reliability of the various functions
  Machine working status and fault, there to remind warning function, status indication, make operation and maintenance more convenient.

labeling head parameter

Label outlet speed


Labeling accuracy ( excluding the package and label error)


The minimum length of the label


Working Pressure


Labeling Machine Label Size

a) The use of the label backing paper Glassine (to translucent backing paper) ;
b) Label tissue paper thickness of not less than 25 × 10-6m (25mm);
c) Hardness label tissue paper for the new Dajia recognized standards;
d) Label quality to be achieved before using our approval.
e) Label roll outer diameter <F350; label roll inside diameter of F76 + 0.50.


base paper width A

Label width B







Printer parameters (when bring a printer)

The maximum print area


Printing speed

200 to 250 times / min

Printing lines

1 to 3 lines

font size

Digital and English : 1.6,2,2.5,4mm

Page 6 of 1

Chinese (year, month, day ): 2.5,4mm

Each row can put words

30mm ÷ Font width

Technical Parameters

Conveyor speed


Belt Width


Rotary wheel speed standard linear velocity ( cylinder bottle positioning stickers )


Labelling outer diameter( cylinder bottle positioning stickers )


Labelling speed( cylinder bottle positioning stickers )


Total power


Power supply

220V 50/60HZ

Gas source (when use printer)


Air Consumption

Around 100l/min

Ambient temperature


Use relative humidity


Dimensions ( L × W × H )


Gross weight


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