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5 Gallon Bottle Outside Body Brush Prewasher

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The electric part consists of PLC controller, AC contactor, Fuse and Air switch
This outside washing machine for 5 gallon recycled bottle is the necessary machine for the empty bottle pre-treatment of drinking water product linefeaturing with simple structure, easy operation and good scrub performance
The operating procedures of Auto outside bottle washing machine from the bottle entering _ bottle brushing _ outside washing _ bottle out, which is controlled by PLC with the functions of automatic finish, precise orientation, little manpower and low working intensity.
The machine adopts PLC control. It can automatically stop or work when cap quantity is not enough for ordering in cap tank.

Technical Parameters



Production capacity

300--600 Buckets/hour

Bottle's specification (mm)


Rated input power


Electromotor power

Conveying electromotor

0.55 KW (one )

Brush pump

0.75 KW (one )

Alkali (medicine) Washing pump

0.37 KW (one )

Pure water washing pump

0.37 KW (one )

Input Voltage

AC 380V±5% þ  50HZ  60HZþ

Rated current


Net weight


Outer size


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