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5 Gallon Bottle Cap Sterilizer and Lifter

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It is a special auxiliary equipment for bottle cap rising and loading on top of filling machine.
The machine adopts PLC control. It can automatically stop or work when cap quantity is not enough for ordering in cap tank.
By strong power of air blower, the sterilized cap can air convey to the top cap ordering device without manually load frequently. Save labour cost.
Cap sterilizer has two rising working place on moving path, first sterilize liquid rising, then pure water rising.
It designs for different size cap sterilize and lifter by different design conveyor.
Performance and quality is reliable.

Electrical system

The electric part consists of PLC controller, AC contactor, fuses, air switches and other components.

Technical Parameters



Production capacity

300 bottles/h

Cap spec

φ58×40(strip: L18mmW7.5mm

Rated input power


Motor power


Cap air blower 0.37KW

Cap unscramble 0.06KW

Transmission motor

Medical liquid rising pump: 0.37KW

Pure water rising pump: 0.37KW

Power voltage

AC 380V±5% þ  50HZ   60HZþ


AC 220V±5%   50HZ   60HZ

Rated current

2Aþ  4A

Net weight


External size


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