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          Please keep continue to tell us your order details to get a specific design and an offer.

1. Bottles/Hour or Liters/Hour or Packs/Hour or

ml; ml; ml; ml; ml; ml; ml;

                               litre; litre; litre; litre; litre; litre;

                               gallon; gallon; gallon; gallon;

V, Hz

4. Label Type* Shrinkage Sleeve PVC Label; or ;

5. Full Bottle Final Package* by Hot Melt Glue Wrapped Case; by Tape sealed Case; by Film Packer;

                              To: system ; ; ;

7. I have had Bottle samples available or Bottle designs available; Local water source laboratory test report;

Ready to order; In preparation phase; or

* You only get rough information without detail if you want not fill out forms.